Be the master of your moneyTM

Immersve is the only company that supports centralized and decentralized payment experiences

With Immersve's technology, you can create payment experiences that allow users to spend their digital cash anywhere that accepts Mastercard. This means they can shop online, in store, or even in the metaverse.

Immersve is a principal member of Mastercard.

Web3 bridging protocol

Connect your decentralized application to Immersve’s non-custodial APIs and Smart Contracts so your customers can transact anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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Spend your crypto anywhere Mastercard is accepted

With access to spend at over 70 million merchant locations globally, paying with digital assets has never been easier. Sign up in less than two mins!

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Issuing as a service

Join the Mastercard network with sponsorship from Immersve and we will provide you with all the technology and regulatory licenses you need to issue your own branded cards.

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